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Le Cache-Cache Edit

Le Cache-Cache edit, translated from French as "hide and seek", is inspired by the excitement of the nineteen nineties. What now is considered popular was just bits and pieces available for the selected few.

Be ready to engage and become a part of the era that brought us never-ending vibes that were sure to leave a pleasant memory for a lifetime.

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The Numeroter Story

Numeroter, a unique see now buy now concept, created from the couture brand Fadi El Khoury originated from Sweden. The Lebanese born designer and creative director - Fadi, wants to reinvent the idea of couture experience and make it available for the broader audience by launching an underline using prime materials combined with handcrafted technical skills borrowed from the rules of couture.

Translated from French, Numeroter means “by the number”, and as the name reveals - the focus is to create exclusive numbered dresses in a limited edition with a single drop each month.

A modern design with a nostalgic twist and nod-get to the past 70s and 80s night life. Dresses to be flaunted with lavishing materials and eloquent details. Each drop consists of a short dress for the adventures, with an influential way of living life.

Sustainability is important for us, we don´t contain any stocks and every order is a pre-order purchase. Your dress will have a number and be exclusive just for you. The dress will be produced upon receiving your order with 4 weeks delivery. All the items are made in EU with prime materials and technical skills.

Once the drop is out of stock, there will be no re-stock.

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